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Rotary is an international organisation formed in Chicago in 1905. It is made up of people who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives across the globe. There are 35,000 clubs across the world with over 1.2 million members. They meet to exchange new ideas, apply expertise and implement improvements that transform communities.

The Rotary Club of Chester started life in 1922 and meets at the Mill Hotel, Chester. Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 12:15  for lunch at 12:30 pm. Extra meetings, usually in the evening, are arranged when there is a fifth Monday in the month,

After a meal we have a speaker at about half our meetings covering a variety of topics. Recent speakers have included a young man who rowed across the Pacific Ocean in 45 days, a speaker who was on Everest when the Nepal earthquake occurred and a Liverpool river pilot.

One meeting a month is set aside as a "business meeting" at which  projects and activities are discussed. The Club aims to raise money in various ways to support both local, national and international charities. Regular fund raising events include:

Raft Race on the River Dee each year.

Golf Day at one of the Chester clubs.

Carol singing around Christmas time.

Apart from fundraising we have social events including a formal dinner to celebrate the Chartering (birthday) of the Club in February, Christmas and other socials and a knock out quiz with other clubs in the district.

We have developed links with the Rotary Club of Lorrach in Germany (Chester is twinned with Lorrach) and had exchange visits with them.

Members of Chester club are welcome to attend meetings of other clubs such as when you are away on holiday.

We are a part of Rotary District 1180 and Rotary GBI

Prof Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn

David Cotgreave

President - The Rotary Club of Chester

Rotary Club of Chester  Past Presidents

Presidents lead the club, engage and inspire members, and promote Rotary in the community.

Rotary Club of Chester Paul Harris Fellows

The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.

J. Lawson Russell 1921/22
F. Coplestone 1922/23
J. T. Golder 1923/24
J. H .Dickson 1924/25
E. Dean 1925/26
H.E.D. Abbot 1926/27
T. Keith Hill 1927/28
W .E. Brown 1928/29
R .Cecil Owen 1929/30
H.E. Evans 1930/31
S.G. Dutton 1931/32
H. G. Hope 1932/33
P .H. Lawson 1933/34
W .E. Jones 1934/35
E. Noel Humphreys 1935/36
H. Waghorne 1936/37
W.W. Siddall 1937/38
N. Scarret 1938/39
T. Murray Dutton 1939/40
J. Rowse Mitchell 1940/41
W. Hughes 1941/42
Dudley Beck 1942/43
K. W. Hoyland 1943/44
G..N .Milton 1944/45
R. H. Thomas 1945/46
J. S .Hayter 1946/47
G. B. Elphick 1947/48
D. E. Evans 1948/49
W. Lewis 1949/50
J. H. Welsby 1950/51
G. Burkinshaw 1951/52
S .S .Snell 1952/53
W. Clayton 1953/54
A. M. Miln 1954/55
J. W. George 1955/56
B. J. Willis 1956/57
W. E. Shepherd 1957/58
J. D. Siddal 1958/59
M. Welsley 1959/1960
A. T . Guy 1960/61
E. Leslie Jones 1961/62
Leslie Harvey 1962/63
H. P. Hay 1963/64
J..E. Dean 1964/65
R. A. Smethurst 1965/66
S. P. Neale Dutton 1966/67
E. P .Pritchard 1967/68
W. F. Wild 1968/69
C. N. Ribbeck 1969/70
A. A. W. Davis 1970/71

G. A. Kiloh 1971/72
J. A. Davies 1972/73
C. J. Lambourne 1973/74
H. Piers Dutton 1974/75
JAS. E. Storrar 1975/76
J. R. Thompson 1976/77
Austen E. Elliot 1977/78
G. C. Thomas 1978/79
K. Riley 1979/80
R. A. Talbot 1980/81
M. E. Wesley 1981/82
J. Bradshaw 1982/83
J. R. Thompson 1983/84
E. B. Charnock 1984/85
J. R. Leaman 1985/86
J. B. Elsely 1986/87
G. W. Shepherd 1987/88
T. Farr 1988/89
R. N. Minshull 1989/90
G. Davis 1990/91
G. M. Jackson 1991/92
B. A. Thompson 1992/93
Thomas H. Carter 1993/94
Chris F. Robins 1994/95
Dennis F. G. Burton 1995/96
John Ross 1996/97
David H. Cotgreave 1997/98
Harold Shaw 1998/1999
Stuart Begbie 1999/2000
John Harsant 2000/01
John Boughton 2001/02
David Hughes 2002/03
John McLIntock 2003/04
Jeremey Ropes 2004/05
Tim Holmes 2005/06
Brian Westcott 2006/07
Derek Jackson 2007/08
Alan Cathery 2008/09
Alistair Jones 2009/10
Andrew Storrar 2010/11
Frank Brady 2011/12
Peter Russell 2012/13
Brian Price 2013/14
Chris Samuels 2014/15
Heather Oldham 2015/16
Brendan Witter 2016/17
Graham Proctor 2017/18
John McLintock 2018/19
Brian Westcott 2019/20
Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn 2020/2021

Derek Swansbury May 1981
Basil Thompson December 1985
Dennis Dixon-Bate November 1988
Geoffrey Morrison August 1989
Alex Bruce January 1991
John Elsley November 1992
Jim Siddall June 1997
Chris Samuels January 1998
John Ross January 1999
Eileen Harsant March 2000
Derek Jackson February 2002
Don Hughes February 2003
Austen Elliot January 2004
Jeremy Ropes June 2006
John Harsant May 2007
John Mclintock February 2008
Peter Russell February 2008
Arthur Fidling February 2010
Harold Shaw February 2011
Brian Westcott February 2011
John Elsley February 2011
(sapphire pin)
Tim Holmes February 2013
Brendan Witter February 2015
Chris Robins February 2016
Dennis Burton February 2016
Heather Oldham February 2020
Tim Wheeler January 2020


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Why I Joined.  I joined to contribute to our commuity. I stayed for the friendship and camaraderie found at every meeting.


Rotary has no secret handshake, no secret policy, no official creed, no secret meetings or rituals. It is an open society of men and women who simply believe in helping others.


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