2022 Raft Race

Having organised the event since the 70’s, Rotary Chester handed over the organisation of the annual Chester Raft Race to Chester Grosvenor Round Table, and with our help and support they delivered an excellent race on 3 July 2022.  It was so pleasing to see Chester’s premier river event returning after a 2 year hiatus due to Covid, with crowds again lining the banks of the River Dee to cheer on the participants.  As is the tradition, some spectators demonstrated their active support using bags of flour and eggs, and good natured fun was evident throughout the event.

Sadly, flyboarder Jay St John died earlier this year and he was sadly missed at the event. 

Members of Rotary Chester provided support and advice to the Round Table team, and we hope to provide assistance in the coming years.  However, we are pleased that we have passed the event into the safe hands of the Round Table, and look forward to many more successful races (and charity fundraising) in years to come.

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